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Welcome to our web site! Health Connections Press strives to bring you reliable resources for practice, education, research and informatics. We publish the authoritative book on the Omaha System. The content and page numbers of the reprinted 2nd edition are identical to the original 2005 book with these exceptions: (a) the covers have been revised and include the new publisher’s name and logo, and (b) the copyright page has been updated to include the new ISBN #978-0-9825727-1-9. Although it does not appear in the photo below, the book has a spiral binding that makes it easier to use.

The Omaha System: A Key to Practice, Documentation, and Information Management, Reprinted 2nd Edition

By Karen S. Martin, RN, MSN, FAAN, Health Care Consultant, Martin Associates, Omaha, Nebraska

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The Omaha System helps you improve the accuracy, consistency, speed, and ease of your clinical documentation. It encourages critical thinking and offers a best practices/evidence-based practice approach for you and your clinician colleagues to use across diverse health care settings. You can use the Omaha System for reports, program planning, and reviewers. You can also increase the visibility of your health care services by converting your outcome data into compelling illustrated trends and graphics.

This book clearly explains the integration of the Problem Classification Scheme (assessment), the Intervention Scheme (plans, pathways, and services), and the Problem Rating Scale for Outcomes (evaluation).

Easy to use. Easy to understand.

The Omaha System terms, definitions, and codes exist in the public domain (open source); the remainder of the book is held under copyright by Health Connections Press. For details about copyright information, see Permissions (coming soon).

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