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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the history of the current Omaha System book?

The 2005 book is the official Omaha System publication. Health Connections Press reprinted and reissued this book in 2010 after Elsevier, Inc. transferred the copyright to Karen S. Martin. The content and page numbers are identical to the book initially published in 2005 with these exceptions: (a) the covers have been revised and include the new publisher’s name and logo, and (b) the copyright page has been updated to include the new ISBN #978-0-9825727-1-9. This book replaces the two 1992 books which have been out of print since 2005.

2. What is the correct reference for the current book?

Martin KS. (2005). The Omaha System: A Key to Practice, Documentation, and Information Management (Reprinted 2nd ed.). Omaha, NE: Health Connections Press.

3. If I order a book from Health Connections Press, who am I communicating with?

You are communicating directly with the author, Karen Martin. All book orders are shipped quickly by a fulfillment company, with domestic orders delivered in 2-3 business days.

4. Do I need to buy a license or rights or request copyright permission for the terms, definitions, and codes of the Omaha System in order to use them?

No. The terms, definitions, and codes of the Omaha System have existed in the public domain (open source) since 1975, and, therefore, are not held under copyright. The complete terms, definitions, and codes are presented in Appendix A and Appendix E of the current book; they may be used by anyone without permission and without a licensing fee from Health Connections Press or the developers. However, the terms and structure must be used as described in the 2005 book, and referenced (ie 2005 book or Web site). When purchasing software, customers pay companies for their costs related to software development, maintenance/support, and related business expenses, but customers are not charged for the Omaha System per se.

5. How do I obtain copyright permission if I want to include details from the current book in an article or chapter that I am writing?

See the Copyright page, page iv of the current book.

  1. Appendix A and Appendix E are not held under copyright by Health Connections Press and do not require permission.
  2. Box 2-1, Figures 2-3 and 2-4, and Appendices B and F are held under copyright by Health Connections Press, but may be reproduced in complete pages with the copyright notice for instructional and clinical use, but not for resale.
  3. Other sections of the book are held under copyright by Health Connections Press. Click on Permissions (coming soon) and follow the directions.

6. How do I obtain permission if I want to include the User’s Guide in software?

Companies who design and sell software based on the Omaha System are required to observe copyright laws related to the book. Click on Permissions (coming soon) and follow the directions.

7. When will the next book be published?

Work on revisions was started at the 2017 Omaha System International Conference. The book will not be available for several years because it takes a long time to revise the Omaha System and produce a new book.

8. How can I find more information about the Omaha System?

See the Omaha System Web site for an overview, summary of the 3 components of the Omaha System, case studies, almost 300 references, listserv, and other details.